GUC and FONK launch ShopWatch Challenger Award

Based upon the vlogs in which the nominated challenger brands have presented themselves over the past two years, a longlist of ten nominations will be made for the ShopWatch Challenger Award 2019. The ten most frequently viewed and shared vlogs will make it to the longlist, after which the jury will hold the first vote to compile a shortlist of five challenger brands. On April 16, 2019 the professional and public jury will gather to determine which of the five nominees will be the winning retail brand. The jury will be composed of market leaders who have presented themselves over the past two years as counterparts to the challengers in FONK magazine. The five nominated brands will present themselves to the jury and to an audience on April 16 during a 10-minute powertalk, after which the jury will have the opportunity to ask questions under supervision of the jury chairman. Following all presentations and questions, the jury will retreat to determine which brand deserves the ShopWatch Challenger Award 2019 based on a total of three criteria. The three criteria on the basis of which jury will determine the winner are: * relevant, innovative concept * clearly formulated target audience * sophisticated marketing concept through which the target audience is demonstrably and effectively reached. Following the vote, the ShopWatch Challenger Award 2019 will be handed out during a festive evening on April 16, 2019. The winning brand receives the award and will be put in the spotlight with a feature article in FONK magazine.

Posted on Dec 17, 2018