GUC Agency develops KiKa Christmas Baubles Campaign

The KiKa Christmas Baubles activation was developed by GUC Agency in cooperation with Tuinbranche Nederland, Edelman, Tuinzaken and Garden Connect. The campaign is supported by KiKa ambassadress Xandra Brood and her daughters Lola and Holly. Xandra Brood: “Unfortunately it’s not self-evident that every child can look forward to a merry Christmas and a healthy new year. By purchasing KiKa Christmas Baubles, you not only make your Christmas tree look even prettier, you also decorate your tree with a purpose.” The campaign aims not only to draw attention to the good work carried out by Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (KiKa, meaning: Foundation for Cancer Free Children), but also to raise €150,000.-. This sum will be spent on research into childhood cancer. One KiKa Christmas Bauble costs €4.95. After subtracting taxes and costs, on which no profit is made, the remaining €2.50 per bauble will be donated to KiKa. There are four different KiKa Christmas Baubles in total. [Click here for more info about the campaign.](

Posted on Dec 07, 2018