GUC Agency obtains highest score in client satisfaction research 2018

The calculated average is based on a total of thirteen criteria: work speed, relationship management, price-performance ratio, effort & service, administrative processing, accuracy of work, handling of briefings, creativity, effectiveness, function as a sparring partner, proactivity, function as a business accelerator and satisfaction in general. On 11 of the 13 criteria GUC Agency obtained a higher score in 2018 compared to 2017. Especially on the latter criterion - satisfaction in general – the score was significantly higher: from 7.90 in 2017 going on 9.58 in 2018. Happy clients, justifiably so! The complete results of the agency customer satisfaction research are published on []( today, and will be published in FONK50 and in Red Alert 2018 magazine on Friday, November 30.

Posted on Nov 28, 2018