GUC Agency and Superunie are proud of the new g’woon campaign

Posted on 18/01/2019

On Tuesday, January 22, the follow-up g’woon campaign will be launched. This is the first work that GUC Agency has created for Superunie. The campaign will start with three new 30” TV commercials, followed by a nation-wide activation.

The new campaign emphasizes the g’woon products’ quality in taste and richness, but also on the socially responsible and sustainable manner in which they are produced (e.g. Beter Leven Keurmerk and Fairtrade). All this great quality is offered at a very affordable price. The three TV commercials feature g’woon chocolate, granola and soup, and emphasize their quality and competitive price. The pay-off ‘Nederland houdt van g’woon’ (meaning: ‘The Netherlands loves g’woon’), which was introduced in the initial campaign, remains the same in this follow-up campaign.

Manon Daggers, Program Director Marketing and responsible for MarCom at Superunie: “We had been looking for one agency that could aid us in the marketing of various brands, on various disciplines. We chose GUC Agency because they, on the one hand, know how to align theme and activation, and on the other hand because they offer all marketing disciplines, such as TV, digital, activation, shopper marketing and social media, under one roof. This choice allows us to achieve our ambitions to run major campaigns for the big brands, but also to pursue more pragmatic goals.”

The campaign was produced in cooperation with MacGyver (director Anne de Clercq) and MacLoud.

GUC and FONK launch ShopWatch Challenger Award

Posted on 17/12/2018

Once every two years GUC Agency and FONK Media hand out the ShopWatch Challenger Award. The nominees have presented themselves in 2017 and 2018 during the monthly ShopWatch-vlogs on the ShopWatch channel and on FONKonline. Out of a selection of innovative and relevant new shop- and brand formulas, the 2017/2018 challengers will be nominated by a team of specialists at GUC Agency and by FONK’s editor in chief Nicolette Hulsebos.

Based upon the vlogs in which the nominated challenger brands have presented themselves over the past two years, a longlist of ten nominations will be made for the ShopWatch Challenger Award 2019. The ten most frequently viewed and shared vlogs will make it to the longlist, after which the jury will hold the first vote to compile a shortlist of five challenger brands. On April 16, 2019 the professional and public jury will gather to determine which of the five nominees will be the winning retail brand.

The jury will be composed of market leaders who have presented themselves over the past two years as counterparts to the challengers in FONK magazine. The five nominated brands will present themselves to the jury and to an audience on April 16 during a 10-minute powertalk, after which the jury will have the opportunity to ask questions under supervision of the jury chairman. Following all presentations and questions, the jury will retreat to determine which brand deserves the ShopWatch Challenger Award 2019 based on a total of three criteria.

The three criteria on the basis of which jury will determine the winner are:

  • relevant, innovative concept
  • clearly formulated target audience
  • sophisticated marketing concept through which the target audience is demonstrably and effectively reached.

Following the vote, the ShopWatch Challenger Award 2019 will be handed out during a festive evening on April 16, 2019. The winning brand receives the award and will be put in the spotlight with a feature article in FONK magazine.

GUC Agency develops KiKa Christmas Baubles Campaign

Posted on 07/12/2018

From December 6, 2018 on, KiKa Christmas baubles can be purchased at over 160 garden centers in the Netherlands. When buying these unique baubles, consumers contribute to the battle against childhood cancer. Four childhood cancer patients, Femke, Judith, Roos and Vera, each translated their personal story into a drawing, which were then printed on the baubles.

The KiKa Christmas Baubles activation was developed by GUC Agency in cooperation with Tuinbranche Nederland, Edelman, Tuinzaken and Garden Connect. The campaign is supported by KiKa ambassadress Xandra Brood and her daughters Lola and Holly. Xandra Brood: “Unfortunately it’s not self-evident that every child can look forward to a merry Christmas and a healthy new year. By purchasing KiKa Christmas Baubles, you not only make your Christmas tree look even prettier, you also decorate your tree with a purpose.”

The campaign aims not only to draw attention to the good work carried out by Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij (KiKa, meaning: Foundation for Cancer Free Children), but also to raise €150,000.-. This sum will be spent on research into childhood cancer. One KiKa Christmas Bauble costs €4.95. After subtracting taxes and costs, on which no profit is made, the remaining €2.50 per bauble will be donated to KiKa. There are four different KiKa Christmas Baubles in total.

Click here for more info about the campaign.

Goud Uberconnected and sister agencies merge into one agency brand: GUC Agency

Posted on 03/12/2018

Starting December 2018 Goud Uberconnected and sister agencies Icemedia, Redmint and DIFR will merge into a single agency brand: GUC Agency. The abbreviation ‘GUC’ was already used quite often to denote Goud Uberconnected. GUC Agency is located in Amsterdam and has its’ own digital production house in Lisbon.

Following the merger between Goud Activatie and Uberconnected in 2016, the agency has made a quite lot of progress. Goud Uberconnected (brand campaigns, activations and social) experienced considerable organic growth. Moreover, the agency acquired Icemedia (digital), Redmint (retail) and DIFR (experiential) subsequently. At the start of this year all agencies were housed under one roof at Surinameplein, Amsterdam.

Managing partner Brian Hirman: “At GUC Agency, campaigns, content, conversations and experiences all emerge from a single central strategy and an all-encompassing creative idea. We believe that this is the way for brands to truly come alive. Both through mass media and social media, in the digital domain as well as in-store. To realize this vision we’ve invested considerably over de past few years in the necessary specialist expertise and in the integration of that expertise in the account teams. Being housed under one roof has definitely sped up this integration process. Continuing under one joint agency brand – GUC Agency – is therefore no more than a logical next step.”

GUC Agency obtains highest score in client satisfaction research 2018

Posted on 28/11/2018

The 24th agency client satisfaction research, published this year again under the auspices of marketing magazine FONK, shows that Goud Uberconnected obtained the highest score in the category ‘major agencies’ with an average of 8.36 (on a scale of 1 to 10).

The calculated average is based on a total of thirteen criteria: work speed, relationship management, price-performance ratio, effort & service, administrative processing, accuracy of work, handling of briefings, creativity, effectiveness, function as a sparring partner, proactivity, function as a business accelerator and satisfaction in general.

On 11 of the 13 criteria GUC Agency obtained a higher score in 2018 compared to 2017. Especially on the latter criterion - satisfaction in general – the score was significantly higher: from 7.90 in 2017 going on 9.58 in 2018. Happy clients, justifiably so!

The complete results of the agency customer satisfaction research are published on today, and will be published in FONK50 and in Red Alert 2018 magazine on Friday, November 30.

Maxim van Rijs transfers to GUC

Posted on 27/11/2018

With the arrival of Maxim van Rijs, Goud Uberconnected has further extended its creative floor. As a creative director, Van Rijs will guide the many disciplines within the agency and provide creative input wherever necessary.

The past eight and a half years he worked at Alfred International, where he developed campaigns for clients such as LiGa, Beter Horen, Conimex, Bonduelle, Becel, Knorr and Lotto. During the past two years he shared ultimate responsibility for all international accounts belonging to the sister company MullenLoweAlfred.

New campaign for Primera

Posted on 30/10/2018

Earlier this year Primera chose GUC Agency as their agency for brand positioning and campaigns. The first objective: developing a new integrated brand campaign which allows Primera to enhance their relevance over the coming years. The latest campaign therefore places emphasis on Primera’s relevance in daily life.

Life is made up of moments, both big and small. People may for instance get absorbed by a good book for hours, enjoy reading the newspaper during breakfast, or spontaneously surprise someone with a nice gift. This campaign shows all kinds of people during these types of moments in life. It reminds you of the fact that Primera plays a role in many of these moments, and it tells you that Primera is happy to turn such moments into special moments.

Sander Tacx Group Digital Director

Posted on 18/09/2018

On September 1, Sander Tacx was appointed Group Digital Director. Tacx is responsible for the business management of the digital agency labels within the group: Icemedia (digital campaigns) and DIFR (experiential).

Sander Tacx (1970) has quite a lot of experience in the digital agency world. He was account director at Media Republic and Lost Boys. At Boondoggle (later: Havas Boondoggle) he was the managing director. On September 1, Tacx transferred from the agency Born05 where he was a senior client partner.

Sander Tacx: “In order for brands to come alive, working from one major idea is essential. By integrating our digital labels DIFR and Icemedia, GUC Agency is even more equipped to provide brands not only with a heart, but with a beat as well. With our own digital creative studio in Lisbon, we also have the necessary execution power in-house. I’m extremely excited to contribute to the further development of this agency and its clients.”

Brian Hirman, Managing Partner GUC Agency: “After acquiring Icemedia last year and DIFR this year, we’ve invested greatly in the substantive and operational integration of these digital activities into GUC Agency. With Sander joining us, I’m confident we’ll be able to further increase our added value to clients on the digital field.